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08.30   Founding of Dongyang Inverter
08.30   Change of name from Dongyang Inverter into Dongyang Induction Melting Furnace corporation
12.03   Contract a H.F Equipment Supply Agreement with Researcher in China
06.30   Designated as a promising small and medium enterprises
11.03   Upgrade of status into a corporation Dongyang Induction Melting Furnace
12.10   Letter of appreciation from the president of Caltech (California, USA)
06.28   Contract a investment agreement with Liquidmetal Technologies
07.30   Realisation of management without a loan Increase of capital and its attraction from outside
01.20   Founding of R&D CENTER(Induction technology)
  Contract a joint-research coorperation with Inha University of Technology in Korea
  Certification of Clean and Sanitory Working Place.
08.12   Certification of a Company specializing in the area of material and accessories (Induction technology)
12.10   Development of a equipment manufacturing a powder of a highest degree of purity (Atomization System)
  07.03   Certification of KSA/ISO9001:2000
10.05   Certification of Venture Business (Induction technology)